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Dear Sir / Dear Madam,

Counter to Romania's MEPs signing of Declaration 0026/2011 which clearly calls for the humane treatment of animals including the use of humane methods of animal control through spay and neuter techniques; some members of the Romanian Parliament, namely Mrs. Roberta Anastase has proposed that a "secret vote" be initiated to begin the cruel and brutal process of mass extermination. In addition the Parliamentary Commission on Public Administration who would normally be voting on such issues was prevented from doing so. This is clearly a blatant indifference of EU Protocol regarding Animal Cruelty and a direct blow to those within the European Union who have struggled to bring about Animal Protection Law Standards throughout its member states. As a member state of the European Union, Romania should not be allowed to benefit from EU Funding while at the same time blatantly disregarding its laws and democratic principles.

Romania has consistently resorted to its old ways when it comes to animal welfare and to this day dogmatically continues to defy the European Union's Laws. This despite numerous worldwide pleas and appeals. This DEFIANCE on the part of Romania towards EU Values and to the world's outrage needs to be seriously addressed by Members of the European Union Parliament in charge of Animal Welfare namely Mr. Olivier Chastel and Mr. Jerzy Buzek as well as EUROGROUP. It is time that all Romanian Embassy Officials throughout the EU and other countries that are equally outraged be dutifully notified that BRUTALITY TOWARDS ANIMALS MUST END!!!

If there is any doubt that these ATROCIOUS ACTS OF CRUELTY exist in a EU country such as Romania; please view the videos and pictures below: THIS IS WHAT IS BEING SECRETLY LEGALIZED!!!

We implore all people who believe in humanity and compassion to write to the Romanian Embassy Officials in your country, and to the EU Officials in Charge of European Affairs. A list will be provided for you below.
At this time we would ask you all to boycott Romanian Tourism and Romanian Products until such time as the Romanian Government will STOP THESE ATROCITIES and adheres to EU Protocols regarding Animal Welfare.
In all consciousness, how can we possibly support a country that advocates and condones such brutality.

Of the EU Officials we ask that you demand total accountability of EU Funding that is given to Romania for Animal Welfare Purposes as anti-animal propaganda is being circulated in Romania among ordinary people to gain support for this brutality.
Unlike humane spay and neuter (as per EU Protocol) brutal killing is cheap and maybe the motivation to continue this method lies in some form of monetary gain for the very people who advocate these MASSACRES. It has already been uncovered in other Eastern Block countries that financial records as well as documents are sometimes altered and intimidation tactics employed to keep everything in check.

Perhaps the pre-requisite for countries joining the European Union should have included not only respect for HUMAN RIGHTS but The RIGHTS OF ANIMALS as well. Any government that is capable of commiting such unspeakable acts of cruelty should not be rewarded with EU Funding at the expense of other civilized members who do abide by its LAWS and have to contribute to Romania's building of its infrastructure and businesses while the Romanian Parliament literally SNUBS them.


The email will be send to following addresses:
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