OPAN has launched CNR Project in Alytus sponsored by BAC - Baltic Animal Care - Djurskydd i Östeuropa.

Once more Catch-Neuter-Release is shown to be the one and only way to go in stray animal care. Gudrun Koller has travelled to Lithuania to meet with the municipality of Alytus to launch the project.

Algita Zigmantaite has worked diligently on the organization of the project. It was great for the OPAN founders to meet in Alytus on this memorable occasion.
This most recent Neutering Bridge Project in Alytus has been officially launched on Friday, October 4th 2013. Already before the local vet has started neutering stray animals in this project generously sponsored by BAC, and on this day Gudrun Koller and Algita Zigmantaite had a very satisfactory meeting with the municipality of Alytus, in particular with its Mayor. Jurgis Krasnickas has shown himself not only as a charming host to the OPAN-ladies but also as a modern, forward-thinking leader of his municipality.
Algita and Gudrun were grateful to see Mr. Krasnickas and the head of his financial department ready to take the biggest step in the Bridge Project-system developed by Gudrun for Lithuania: The first step is help in neutering by foreign NGOs as organized by OPAN in Alytus for 2012 still with the help of a foreign NGO. The second step is Bridge projects still supervised by OPAN but with Lithuanian vets as done in Alytus now. The very important third step is for the municipality to take over our system and finance these neutering projects itself. This step is being prepared now in Alytus and this way Alytus is about to become the first Lithuanian city to adopt this humane and sustainable method in dealing with its stray animal-issue independently. As should be done in a modern country that is member of the EU.
OPAN is happy to be part of this process together with its sponsor BAC, Baltic Animal Care - Djurskydd i Östeuropa). And hopeful that other Lithuanian municipalities will follow this example and start financing neutering-projects for stray animals on a continuous base. OPAN more and more establishes itself as a neutering-NGO.
"We are convinced of the importance of our work for the stray animals of Lithuania", says Gudrun.
"But we work just as hard for horses and other animals in need", counters Algita.
Most important: We have sponsors who help us to finance our work. Thank you to our BAC, LKD and BMT.
We are always grateful for new sponsors who understand that we do not only help animals but also make Lithuania into a more modern country that starts embracing humane solutions in animal welfare. Please, donate, using our account. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our projects or suggestions on how to support our work. (