Poland, Warszawa, EMIR – Krystyna Sroczynska

EMIR is an animal protection group that works all over Poland. Chairman and leading force is Krystyna Sroczynska. At her home in Zabia Wola, twenty kilometres south of Warszawa, EMIR runs a shelter with around one hundred dogs. There is a sub branch in Krosno Odrzanskie, some five hundred kilometres west, near the border to Germany.

EMIR does a lot of emergency actions; when people phone about animals in distress and animals being abused, they take immediate action and simply go and pick the animals up and bring them to the shelter.

Dogs are rescued and brought to the shelter; they are given proper veterinary care at the University Veterinary Hospital, with whom EMIR has good relations. There is always the hope that all dogs can be rehomed; but those who do not, for one reason or another, recover, will lead a good life at the shelter.

Krystyna Sroczynska, who makes a living by taking on accountant and book keeping work, always follows up crimes against animals and ensures that justice takes its course, something that is otherwise often neglected.

At her side is Tomasz, her son, who helps her in her daily work at the shelter, and also quite a few volunteers; Anna, Monika and Olga amongst others. Sometimes, when possible, they employ temporary staff.

We got in contact with EMIR through Hanna Michnik, who is now a member of the board. Hanna was born in Poland, but lives in Gothenburg since 1984. Thanks to her knowledge of Polish and her skills on the Internet, we have frequent contacts with Krystyna and the volunteers, with whom we sometimes communicate in English.

Baltic Animal Care representatives have visited the shelter on three occasions in 2007. After the first visit it was decided that EMIR was to receive monthly support from us.

We have also supplied 46 insulated dog houses, 12 dog houses without insulation, a washing machine with tumble dryer, a high pressure washing device, a deep freezer and made it possible for Krystyna to buy a better car.

At present we are in the process of trying to set up a spaying and neutering campaign together with EMIR.

The EMIR website:

Mailing address to Krystyna: fundacja.emir@neostrada.pl