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The cat shelter, ”Koci Swiat”, is situated on an old farm near Nasielsk, about sixty kilometres north of Warszawa. Kasia, who is the manager and her associates, 190 cats, 26 dogs and two goats live on four hectares. There are two recreation areas; 200 square metres and 700 square metres each, a third is under construction and it will be 100 square metres.

Days at the shelter are quiet; cats are brought to the shelter after various accidents; old, sick and handicapped.

Cats suitable for adoption are put in foster homes in Warszawa where Kasia’s associates try to find new homes.

Sometimes Kasia has to take in a lot of cats at the same time; when the carers have died for example.

Not only through foster homes do cats find new homes; five to six cats find new homes straight from Koci Swiat every month.

Koci Swiat was supposed to be a cat shelter only; but dogs find their way here too . Of course, every dog has its own story…

Every cat brought to the shelter is put in quarantine, is examined by a vet, wormed and vaccinated. Twice a year all animals are wormed.

Once a month all animals are examined by a vet, free of charge.

The largest expenses are for spaying and neutering and other surgery; all done at a clinic in Warszawa.

The latest outburst of illness was in the year 2002; eighteen cats were taken ill with panleukopenia; sometimes called “feral distemper”, caused by a virus. Fourteen survived and four died.

Plans for the future are rebuilding the house where they keep the food for the animals, making new rooms for the cats; it gets quite crowded, especially in the winter.

The enclosures for the dogs need to be finished; they had to stop building for lack of money…

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Mailing address to Kasia: koci-swiat@o2.pl