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Since 1991 we work together with Elena Bobrova in St Petersburg and since the mid 1990s we have supported Baltic Animal Care Russia, founded by Elena. At her side are many vets and lawyers who join forces with politicians and journalists. The organisation runs spaying and neutering campaigns on a small scale; they also help animals that are abused, starving, found to be ill or injured.

Despite many years of trying to solve the issue of stray animals through law enforcement, and by spaying and neutering animals, they still work in opposition to the authorities, who continue to kill stray animals by way of distributing poison that ensures a painful death for the animals. Other cruel methods are also being used. Elena’s efforts to try and open a shelter for the strays always involves many bureaucratic nuisances, she is constantly being threatened and sued because her efforts to disclose animal cruelty is unsettling to some people. Despite that, Elena and her colleagues are not deterred; they always find new ways to keep working.

Today they work along with a veterinary clinic that has the use of an animal ambulance. They catch strays, spay and neuter them and release them in areas where animals are well liked and also fed by members of the public. Elena runs a small shelter in her home and rehomes as many animals as she can. Elena and her colleagues are trying hard to make politicians take their responsibility and find a solution to this problem. They try to influence the police and the courts to make the first move towards processing against people who abuse animals. They disclosed one case where a Korean woman killed dogs for their meat; she prepared it and sold it in her restaurant… Also they have hunted down stolen animals that were sold to laboratories and tried to have them reunited with their rightful owners. Baltic Animal Care Russia also distributes news in media. They will not give up their dream of a properly run shelter where they can take care of animals.

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