A small victory in Russia, Januari 2008

A small victory was won for animal protection in Russia just recently. Elena Bobrova has been pursuing a case against an old age pensioner who tortured a puppy to death. In May 2007 he strangled the small puppy with a piece of steel wire. The incident took place on the man’s farm in Pavlovsk, a town outside St. Petersburg. Children were witnessing the incident.

The man was convicted by the court of the Pushkinskij area on January 24, 2008. He was sentenced to pay fines to the sum of 3000 roubles, approximately 745 Swedish crowns. Not a large sum for a life taken it may seem, but to a pensioner in Russia it is. And the shame of it as it has all been published in the news papers… And it bodes well for the future that a case like this leads to a conviction. People can see that crimes against animals are taken seriously. Very often there are laws against cruelty to animals, but much too often no one abides by them…

If you can read Russian go to: http://www.regions.ru/news/2120542