Baltic Animal Care

Baltic Animal Care is a non-profit organisation not affiliated with any political or religious organization and has around one hundred members.

Our aim is to improve animal welfare and we try to contribute to a development of veterinary medicine in east Europe.

We started in 1991 as a project within the organisation Animal Rights Sweden. Since 1994 Baltic Animal Care is an independent organisation. We are a part of World Society for the Protection of Animals.

Here is how it all started…

First and foremost we try to support those who work at animal shelters in Latvia, Poland, Romania and Russia. Cats and dogs are our first priority. Our work is dependant on fundraising; gifts from our sponsors, members and other benefactors.

Our aim is to work on a short term basis as well as on a long term basis.

We also hope to be able to influence animal care in these countries and have supported spaying and neutering campaigns. We have been able to support the further education of vets.

Our ambition is also to support campaigns where animal care and law enforcement as regard to animals is the priority.